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Lemon Socks


(3 customer reviews)
Collection: Food Socks
Pattern: Lemon Socks
Material: Cotton 65%, Polyester 35%
Size: Universal Size (5-11)

lemon socks stright
mismatched lemon socks

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Always in fashion, lemon socks are a stylish addition to any outfit for everyone. They will be great as funny socks for work, college or weekend party. A simple pattern with a bit of madness will give your clothes a bit of summer energy even in cold days. You can wear them the way you want in low shoes, flip flops or home slippers. However many people also prefer walking around the house in just socks without any shoes or slippers, and you can too. Thick cotton is not only comfortable and pleasant to touch but also durable. Treat them like a normal pair of home socks without fear of damage or chafing.

purple socks in lemon pattern

lemon socks purple

purple lemon socks

Happy socks with lemon

No idea for a unique birthday or anniversary gift? This socks will work great for both men and women. Choose lemon socks as a cheerful gift for your girlfriend, friend or family member. This is the perfect solution when you do not know what gift you would like to give to a person you care about. However, if you decide that one pair is not enough, you can always choose a different pattern from our collection of funny socks. We have socks for every occasion. For women, they can be avocado socks or socks with fish for men. We ensure that it will be a cheerful gift that everyone of all ages will enjoy.

Washing and ironing

Wash your socks after prior separating them into colours so that they do not dye. Proper washing is important because your socks will retain their deep original colour and great quality.
Because socks may dye use only low temperatures (up to 40 degrees Celsius) to avoid it. Wash them with soft texture fabrics. Do not use bleach or iron.


Lemon Socks are made of high quality materials which are: Cotton 63% , Polyester 34% , Spandex 3%.


Air permeability


Unique pattern

High quality cotton

Universal size

Comfort of use

Frequent questions

Are these socks for women?

We would rather say that lemon socks are kind of unisex pair. Although the lemon pattern may seem a bit feminine, however, there are no obstacles for gentlemen to wear these socks. However, looking at the statistics of our orders, it is mainly women who order this product.

Does feet sweat in this socks?

Lemon socks are made of natural cotton that lets the air in, keeping your feet fresh even for a long day at school or work. However, if you experience an unpleasant smell that can be caused by illness, try to change clean socks every time you feel the need. Wash your socks regularly to keep them clean and beautiful.

Additional information


Purple, Yellow




5-11 (Universal)

3 reviews for Lemon Socks

  1. Sophie

    funny lemon socks from kumplo

    These socks look and feel lovely

    I am in love with these socks and quite seriously I think that this is the best couple I have ever had in my collection. I like slightly longer socks that I can wear wherever I want and these are Kumplo socks. The pattern is very good quality and the socks themselves are really nice to the touch. I chose the free delivery option and the package went to the US about 15 days. A little long time, next time I will pay extra a few $ for fast delivery.

  2. Lauren

    lemon socks purple

    Comfy pair of warm socks

    Quick dispatch, socks are as described really comfortable and warm. Although their main advantage is a funny colorful pattern, they are well made without any shortcomings. The size matches that given on the page and fits my foot perfectly (size 42 eu). I will definitely come back here for more of this type of funny socks.

  3. Alexandra

    lovely socks with lemons from kumplo socks

    Lovely colours ????

    Lemons socks from Kumplo are soft and bouncy, my feet feels real pleasure wearing them. I loved their vibrant colours the most they are much brighter than on website. Great purchase.

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