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Crocodile Socks


(10 customer reviews)
Collection: Animal Socks
Pattern: Crocodile Socks
Material: Cotton 65%, Polyester 35%
Size: Universal Size (5-11)
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Novelty, colourful but above all funny crocodile socks are a unique pair from the animal’s collection that customers from all over the world have fallen in love with. Perfect for work, school or going out with friends. What makes them so amazing? There are many reasons, quality of used materials, usability, fashion, gift idea and even universal size for both men and women. This pair is especially popular with office workers who like unusual additions or unique novelties.

crocodile socks single

crocodile socks both sides

kumplo crocodile socks

Crazy socks with crocodile

Materials from which crocodile socks were made deserve more attention. The most important of them is high-quality elastic cotton, which is characterized by above-average resistance to natural conditions such as stretching, washing or wiping. This is not the end, the fabric is also soft and pleasant to the touch and can be worn in many places. Socks are great for the gym, sleeping or even walking without shoes around the house or at work.

These are very desirable features that only high-class socks are characterized by. Although these are not the cheapest materials available on the market, we believe that it is better to have one pair of comfortable and durable socks than several ones that after a few washes will be thrown away.

It is also worth mentioning the unique innovative pattern, which looks like a crocodile would bite your leg! This funny accent will surely attract the eyes of many people on the street, in the subway, work or school and make them smile. Show the world your wild face or give it to a crazy person who should have it.

Washing and ironing

Wash this socks after prior separating them into colours so that they do not dye. Proper washing is important because your socks will retain their deep original colour and great quality.

Because socks may dye use only low temperatures (up to 40 degrees Celsius) to avoid it. Wash them with a soft texture fabrics. Do not use bleach or iron.


Crocodile Socks are made of high-quality materials which are: Cotton 63%Polyester 34%Spandex 3%.


Air permeability


Unique pattern

High quality cotton

Universal size

Comfort of use

Frequent questions about crocodile socks

What size is this pair?

The size of crocodile socks is universal and stretchy, but due to their length, they are rather socks intended for adults and teenagers. Socks will fit best on foot sizes 5 to 11 UK / US. In some cases, they will be more extended in others less.

Does the pattern look stretched when worn?

No, although the socks are stretchy, this has no effect on the appearance of the pattern for the size of the feet for which the socks are intended.

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5-11 (Universal)

10 reviews for Crocodile Socks

  1. Josh

    quality socks

    Quality socks

    The package and the way of packing weren’t the best, but fortunately, the socks themselves are decent. The parcel came very quickly because I had it the other day. I can confirm that they are made of cotton and are comfortable. The pattern does not extend very much on the legs so I can safely give 5 stars.

  2. Leo

    lovely product

    Lovely product

    The whole ordering process was successful, the package with socks came within 2 days and was well secured. The socks are indeed very comfortable but they look even better on the feet than in the pictures. I would definitely buy them again and I would recommend them to everyone.

  3. Lauren

    fits well

    Fits well

    The socks are excellent, I was a little afraid that the universal size declared on the site may not be suitable for my big foot. Fortunately, they fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable. Unlike many of the socks I have in these, my feet do not sweat so much. I would buy them again.

  4. Peter

    best crew socks

    Better than popular crew socks

    I’ve had a lot of crazy socks of this type, but they’ve never been as pleasant to the touch as these. Socks with Crocodile from Kumplo are unique because they are warm, comfortable and funny. Although we pay a little more for the funny design, the quality is also much higher than that of regular socks. If someone needs just solid cotton socks I strongly recommend it. A funny pattern for some will be an asset and some will consider it childish.

  5. Kayleigh

    best socks ever

    The best socks ever bought

    I have different socks in my collection, some from well-known companies and others completely unbranded. I must admit that socks with the crocodile from Kumplo are much higher level. The quality of manufacture and the chosen material make people simply want to wear them. They look good on both male and female feet and the universally selected size makes it possible to wear them in turns. Only the packaging could be a bit more impressive because they were delivered in an ordinary plastic bag.

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