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Our agency has been engaged in a broad spectrum of online promotion since 2014. We provide advertising services for companies and private individuals. At Kumplo, you will find services such as SEO positioning and optimisation, social media promotion, copywriting, and graphic design. Discover why our clients love us.

  • Personalised approach
  • Reasonable prices
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We listen to what our clients say and strive to continuously enhance the high quality of our services. We take even the smallest suggestions to heart, as they are what make our company stand out against the competition.


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Long-term experience
We have been building our reputation since 2014. During this time, we have completed many projects, and although there have been occasional mishaps, the vast majority of our clients have rated us 5 stars.
Individual approach
Nothing is impossible for us. Although we primarily focus on advertising, we have often assisted our clients with tasks such as logos, blog posts, and website creation.
Hassle-free contact
We value our clients' opinions and always resolve issues in their favour.
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