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Buy Kick followers with Kumplo and grow your audience quickly, safely, and easily. Increase your follower count with just a few clicks. Rated UK's #1 social media service since 2014, we offer unbeatable deals to enhance your streaming presence. Discover our fantastic offers below and start boosting your Kick today!

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What are Kick Followers

Kick Followers – This metric allows you to gauge the popularity of any channel on Kick. By using the follow option, users who choose to follow a particular creator will receive notifications when the creator starts a live stream. The information on the number of followers on Kick is therefore useful for creators, viewers, advertisers, and algorithms alike. Creators can track the growth of their channels through follower count, viewers can quickly assess whether a creator is just starting out or already has a large community, and advertisers can make informed decisions. With our service, you can quickly increase the number of people following you on Kick. If you are looking for ways to promote your channel, purchasing Kick followers might be worthwhile.

Why having many followers on Kick matters

Apart from the image benefits for the creator, having many followers on Kick primarily translates to greater reach and better ad placement rates. Reach, which is how often your channel or live stream is recommended to other viewers, depends on algorithms. It's important to constantly “feed” these algorithms to help your channel grow. This can be achieved through new follows, shares, or comments, as these are interactions that increase interest in your account. Algorithms analyse these data and compare them with the statistics of other users, determining whether your channel or another should be promoted. Naturally, our service won't do everything for you. You should continue to stream regularly and provide entertainment for your viewers, but combining all the best practices will yield the best results.

Now, let's talk about advertisers. When they want to advertise a product or service, they typically choose streamers with a large number of followers on Kick. This is because creators with large communities have a greater influence on their audience, making them more likely to sell the advertised product. As a result, the top 1% of creators earn more than the remaining 99%. If you dream of making money doing what you love, Kick followers can help you get closer to that goal.

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The screenshot shows the effects of the Kick followers promotion service. Within 24 hours, there was an increase in followers by over 30 times. At the top are the account statistics before the promotion, and below are the statistics after the promotion.

Is It worth buying Kick Followers

The decision to purchase Kick followers is a personal one, but there are many benefits to this practice. It is particularly helpful for new creators and streamers who dream of gaining more recognition and growing their channel. With a larger number of followers, you can feel more confident in front of the camera, which positively affects how potential viewers perceive you.

This is a psychological effect known as a positive feedback loop. When a person gains new followers, it confirms that their work is meaningful, leading to improved well-being and increased self-confidence.

However, the most important benefit of buying Kick followers is its impact on the algorithm. As you start to gain more followers, your live streams will be promoted more frequently on the homepage and recommendations on Kick, naturally increasing your reach.

By purchasing Kick followers, you create the image of a popular person. This is intriguing and mysterious to people, as they will want to become part of that community. New viewers will be more likely to trust you and spend more time on your live streams.

All this further sends signals to the algorithm that your channel is truly worth recommending. By increasing the frequency of interactions, watch time, and the number of live viewers and followers, you show the algorithm that you are worth promoting.

Investing in Kick followers is, therefore, a step towards becoming a popular streamer or even an influencer, which can help you earn money through advertising partnerships with companies or media houses. It is simply another form of promoting your channel, now accessible to everyone.

Why Buy Kick Followers from Kumplo?

  • We have an automatic order fulfilment system available 24/7.
  • We deliver orders probably the fastest in the UK, with results visible within minutes.
  • We offer special discounts for regular customers and numerous promotions for frequent buyers.
  • We include a VAT invoice with every order, sent to your email immediately after purchase.
  • We allow VAT-free purchases for companies with an active EU VAT number.
  • We have been in the industry for 8 years and have completed over 300,000 orders.
Greater recognition of your Kick account
The number of followers on Kick is a marker of popularity. The more followers you have, the more people will receive notifications about your live streams, ensuring a high number of regular viewers for future broadcasts. Additionally, users who enjoy a large community are more likely to be recommended by the platform to other viewers.
Being perceived as a recognised figure
Followers on Kick also signify success. Any new person who checks out your channel and sees that it has a large fanbase is more likely to become your viewer, wanting to be part of your community. This helps to grow your channel even faster by influencing others' opinions.
Increased frequency of conversations and engagement on chat
Paradoxically, it is easier to have interesting conversations in chat within a large community than with small creators. With a large number of followers on Kick, your chat will become like a conference room where viewers will want to talk. From your perspective, this is a huge advantage. The higher the frequency of conversations, the more promoted the live stream, leading to faster growth.
Easy and effective promotion method for everyone
There is no simpler method of promoting your Kick account than buying followers. With our method, you are guaranteed a growth in followers in a short time. You don't have to waste energy promoting yourself in groups or forums; instead, you immediately get a boost in followers and can focus on what you enjoy while your channel grows on its own.
Opening doors to collaborations with other popular creators
One of the biggest benefits of buying Kick followers is the opportunity to exchange audiences with other popular creators. As your account becomes more recognised, it will be easier to convince other creators to organise joint live streams or other promotional activities, further aiding your account's growth. Statistics are the most important asset that will determine whether another creator wants to collaborate with you or not.
Gaining recognition and respect among other viewers
The popularity gained from Kick followers also brings recognition and respect. This psychological effect is comparable to achieving success. People will subconsciously view you differently when the numbers are in your favour compared to when your channel is new and only a few people watch it. This is particularly helpful for small creators who want to feel more confident during their live streams and provide better entertainment for their viewers.

How to buy Kick followers

Buying followers on Kick involves a straightforward four-step process. All we need to complete the order is the link to your Kick account, and the entire ordering process will take no more than 10 minutes. You don’t need to download or configure anything, nor do you need to register on our site. Everything is done automatically and swiftly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The promotion starts immediately after the funds are credited.

Step 1: Copy Your Kick Account Link

Go to your channel on Kick, copy its URL (link) from the address bar, and then return to Kumplo to follow the next steps.

Step 2: Choose the Number of Followers and Configure Your Package

Select the number of followers you want to add to your Kick account and personalise your order with additional options. You can specify the delivery speed and the warranty period.

Step 3: Provide the Link and Add to Cart

Paste the previously copied link into the designated field, then click the "add to cart" button. Note that this button will only be active after you configure your order and enter the URL!

Step 4: Enter Your Details and Complete the Payment

Proceed to the payment summary and provide the necessary details. At this stage, you can also enter your NIP and VAT for the invoice. Choose your payment method and make the payment to start promoting.

Kick Followers - FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section is a valuable resource that will help you better understand the Kick followers service. We strive to keep this list of questions up to date so you can quickly find answers to any queries you may have before placing an order.

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Kick Followers Reviews

  1. the author of the review has been verified Cameron

    I'm glad I found your site; you have very attractive prices and valuable promotion services. I received followers on Kick within 15 minutes!

  2. the author of the review has been verified Perry

    Purchasing this type of service always seemed to me like a lazy approach and a sign of having no real ideas for one's channel. However, I decided to test the service to be able to say more about it. Firstly, I was surprised by the quality of the accounts – I paid extra for real users and genuinely noticed an increase in interactions on my channel. From now on, I approach this as a regular form of channel promotion, striving to deliver the best content to my viewers and promoting it with effective methods like this one.

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