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Buy Instagram likes in the UK quickly, safely, and easily with Kumplo. Since 2014, we’ve been the UK’s #1 service for fast delivery and real results. Check out our unbeatable deals today!

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What are Instagram Likes

Instagram likes, represented by red hearts next to each post on the app, are a measure of a photo's popularity. While most people see Instagram likes as mere numbers, they provide a real indication of how popular a particular photo is. Companies often use data on the number of likes when collaborating with influencers. The more Instagram likes you gather, the higher your potential earnings. Additionally, purchasing likes makes Instagram promote your post more. When the algorithm detects increased activity in the form of likes, views, comments, or a sudden rise in followers, your profile becomes recommended in various sections of the app. The more noticeable the growth, the faster the algorithm reacts. Users will most commonly see your new posts on their main feed (after scrolling through all updates), in the explore tab, and even after following another user. This makes Instagram likes a great promotional tool for users dreaming of gaining desired popularity. You only pay for the results we achieve. Ordering the same promotion directly through Instagram would be much more expensive, which is why so many people choose to buy likes on Kumplo.

Why are likes so important?

Data on the number of shares, saves, or likes on Instagram greatly influences the app's algorithms, which determine the reach of each post. A complex algorithm decides whether to recommend your post to other users or not. Sometimes, the type of content you add might not impact whether you succeed or not. Perhaps you post irregularly or at the wrong times? Or maybe you simply have too few likes for Instagram to start promoting you. Using proven methods is beneficial, but buying likes on Instagram is the fastest solution. We can deliver any package of likes, even on the same day. You can even specify whether the accounts giving you likes should be real or not. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the results and the fastest service delivery in the UK. If you want to build a popular account and become an Instagram celebrity, Instagram likes from Kumplo will help you achieve success.

Buying Instagram likes on kumplo.com

The process of buying Instagram likes on Kumplo. Results before and after adding likes.


Is it worth buying Instagram Likes

Instagram likes are a crucial element of any account. They determine the popularity of a photo and influence whether a post will be promoted by the app or not.

You’ve probably noticed that photos from popular users often appear in the “Explore” tab or at the top when browsing a hashtag. This happens because the more likes a photo receives, the more the app promotes it.

This is understandable, but it makes it difficult for small creators to gain popularity. Therefore, buying Instagram likes can be seen as a promotional tool that significantly speeds up the process of increasing your account's reach.

You can now also purchase automatic likes on Instagram, which are added immediately after you publish a photo.

In summary, what do Instagram likes provide?

  • Increased reach for your posts
  • Rapid account growth and new followers
  • Popularity and recognition
  • Collaborations with brands and product placements
Instant or Gradual Delivery
Our system is unique in the market, allowing you to specify the delivery speed of your order. For those who need Instagram likes ``right now,`` we offer an instant delivery option. For those who prefer a natural growth, we recommend gradual delivery.
Affordable Prices
We offer the lowest prices on the market because we avoid many intermediaries in the process. Buy Instagram likes directly from the source and save money for other purposes.
Opportunity to collaborate with businesses
The reach built through Instagram likes can easily be monetised through numerous collaborations with companies, such as by promoting their products on your account.
Highest quality services with real results
Instagram likes from real people have a tangible impact on your posts' reach and results. Our service guarantees a rapid increase in likes, which leads to more frequent recommendations by Instagram, giving you greater opportunities to grow your account.
Many of verified customer reviews
Over 97% of users who bought Instagram likes on Kumplo are satisfied with the service. Read verified customer reviews to learn why they trusted us.
Unprecedented recognition
Many celebrities have built their popularity using methods like buying Instagram likes and continue to enjoy their fame today. You have the chance to gain real fans and achieve success faster than you think.
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How to buy Instagram Likes

Buying Instagram likes is very similar to purchasing other items online. Simply select the quantity, add your order to the cart, and wait for delivery. However, before placing your order, carefully read this guide to avoid common issues such as providing the wrong link, which can delay your order.

Steps to Buy Instagram Likes:

  1. Provide the Link: In the designated field, enter the link to the photo you want to promote.
  2. Select Quantity: Choose the number of likes you want to add to the photo.
  3. Additional Options: Select additional options such as the quality of the accounts and the speed of the service.
  4. Single or Multiple Photos: You can provide a single link for one photo or multiple links to distribute the likes evenly among several photos.
  5. Public Account: Ensure your Instagram account is public. You can only buy likes for public photos that can be liked by any user on the app.

By following these steps, we can ensure quick delivery at any time. You will be notified once the service is completed, and you can then change your privacy settings back, enjoying thousands of Instagram likes.

Set your profile to public

This is the most important step required to buy Instagram likes. Go to Settings > Privacy and ensure your account is public. Remember not to change your privacy settings until the order is complete, as the service cannot be finished otherwise.

Copy the link to the photo

Visit your profile on Instagram by typing "instagram.com" into Google and copy the link to the photo you want to promote. If you're doing this from your phone, click the three dots next to the photo, select "Copy Link," and paste it on Kumplo.

Pay for the order

Add the service to your cart, then pay for the order via bank transfer or card. The process will start immediately after the payment is received. This is a one-time payment with no subscription.

Free ways

How to gain Instagram Likes

Running an Instagram account can be demanding, especially when it comes to regularly posting content. It's often said that hard work and consistent posting of valuable content will help your photos get likes on Instagram. But what do you do when you have no likes at all? In such cases, hashtags can be a powerful tool, helping you reach many potential viewers. Using them effectively can increase your post's reach by up to 500%, which in turn affects the number of likes you receive.

You can get up to 2574 free likes on Instagram within a few days by following some proven methods, as one of our mentees did. In this case, popular hashtags and sharing posts among friends were utilised.

Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm plays a crucial role in how your posts are displayed to other users. To increase your chances of getting likes, it's important to understand and adapt to the algorithm. Experiment with posting times, types of content, and captions to see what works best.

Creating Attractive Photos

Since Instagram is a visual platform, the quality and appeal of your photos are crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Use a high-quality camera or phone.
  • Focus on composition and colour.
  • Edit photos to enhance their appeal while keeping them natural.
  • Increase contrast and vibrancy to catch the eye.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful tool to increase reach. Use relevant and popular hashtags to reach more users interested in your content.

Interacting with Other Users

Interaction with other users is key. Respond to comments, comment on and like others' posts to encourage them to visit your profile.

Regular Posting

Regular posting keeps your followers engaged and increases your chances of getting likes. Establish a consistent posting schedule.

Creating Stories and Reels

Instagram Stories and Reels are great ways to boost engagement. They are often more visible than regular posts.

Using Stories for Interaction

Stories offer many interactive features, like polls or questions, which can increase user engagement.

Analysing and Adjusting Your Strategy

Instagram analytics provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. Use analytics to adjust your strategy to gain more likes.


Be authentic in your posts. Users appreciate genuineness and are more likely to like content that feels real and sincere.

List of Methods to Quickly Gain Instagram Likes

We have compiled a list of methods to help you quickly gain free Instagram likes. These methods have been used by popular influencers.

  • Ask everyone who sees your post to like it in the photo caption.
  • If you notice a photo gaining likes, create more similar content.
  • Reward your most active fans who regularly like your photos with small recognitions or gifts.
  • Post photos that align with current trends.
  • Promote your photos on fan pages offering free shoutouts.
  • Tag brands if you are wearing well-known brands, as they might share your profile on their stories or profile.
  • Share your posts on your fan page, YouTube channel, or TikTok profile.
  • Send your new post to a few friends via DM to boost its reach.
  • Engage with your audience on Instagram Live, and remind them to like your new post.
  • Post during peak hours when most people are using Instagram.
  • Only post high-quality, eye-catching photos.
  • Create a posting schedule and upload photos every day.
  • Tease new photos on your Instagram Stories.
  • Take photos with other popular creators, starting with your friends.
  • Share posts on like-for-like Facebook or Discord groups.
  • Interact with users through hashtags like #l4l (like for like), #s4s (shoutout for shoutout), or #f4f (follow for follow).
  • Encourage fans to like all your photos with engaging captions.
  • Buy Instagram Likes to boost your posts' reach.

What Not to Do

However, remember not to use hashtags that don’t match your photo, as this can decrease your reach instead of increasing it. Instagram can accurately recognise the content of your photo. If you want more likes, you need to describe what is in the photo accurately and ensure your post engages your followers properly.


Instagram Likes - FAQ

In this section, you will learn more about the safety, service delivery, and available settings. If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to ask your question via the contact form.

buying instagram likes at kumplo faq

Instagram Likes Reviews

  1. the author of the review has been verified Emily

    A truly reliable company with excellent quality of delivered likes on Instagram. I had been looking for a trustworthy provider, not an intermediary, for a long time, and I finally found one. The service is characterised primarily by a short order fulfilment time, competitive pricing, and high quality. Although it isn't the cheapest, you can buy british Instagram likes from kumplo. If someone cares about their image and REAL results, there is currently no other alternative. Just a few hours after the order was fulfilled, I saw positive effects from the company's actions. My post made it to the recommended section, which had never happened before. As a result, I received significantly more likes than I ordered, but most importantly, they were from real people. This is exactly the service I was looking for, and I will definitely be a regular customer.

  2. the author of the review has been verified Hughes

    I must admit I had some reservations before buying likes on Instagram. I had never done it before and didn't quite know what to expect or which link to provide. Additionally, the reviews of Kumplo that I found online were mixed. Some users praised the service for the quick fulfilment of orders, while others complained about the quality of the accounts. Nevertheless, I decided to give them a chance and bought the smallest possible package to see what I would get. I must say I was really surprised by the speed of delivery and the quality of the likes I received on Instagram. Accounts were from around the UK complete bios, avatars, and their own posts. I don’t know who and why people write different reviews about this service, but I must confirm that in my case, everything worked very well. I also contacted the company to ask for a monthly promotion estimate for my account and received a full offer within a few hours. Furthermore, I think the Instagram likes service can help promote an account, and the prices offered by Kumplo are really attractive. I will continue to use them and encourage others to do so as well.

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