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About us

You could think we are a big company because of the wide range of funny socks, greater quality products and usefully well-designed website. The truth is different, we are a young couple from London with big ambitions and lack of high budget but with your help and our hard work, we will succeed. We have always been in love with funny socks, basically, none of us remembers where this unusual passion came from, but we knew that there must be more people like us. In the beginning, none of us even thought about the store, we basically wanted to meet as many people with similar interests as possible, and buy the various socks as possible. It was like a hobby just like collecting stamps. The problem appeared when we saw that there are not so many types of funny socks than we thought and the socks we have bought were losing their quality after some time. Old times, about 10 years ago.
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Our mission

A few years later, when we started thinking about the funny socks shop, there were just a few companies that produced this kind of products. Actually, in the beginning, people called "funny socks" every pair that looked different. There wasn't a big choice then and many of them were of poor quality. For a long time people associated funny socks as a "cringy gift" for a birthday or father's day. I think everyone knows the famous socks with the text "the best father in the world". You were grateful for the gift but you didn't really want to use it. We wanted to change that and make socks cool again. People needed more personalized socks for special occasions with their favourite characters, things or food. They wanted to look fashionable and feel comfortable in socks that could show their personality. So we decided to create our own socks that people would wear with pride and pleasure at an affordable price.
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Our plan

For many years, we couldn't afford to set up our own store. Rent, products, advertising and many more, these things are really expensive. We had produced some great quality socks but no one knew them. We could rent some space in the shopping centre and selling only a limited range of collections or cut expenses, start working from home and keep adding new socks every month. We wanted to start so badly and grow so fast so we decided the second option. The future looks optimistic, our brand is growing really well because of every purchase you make and every hour we spend on hard working. With your help, we will succeed and open our first store. It won't be just another store with things to buy. We want to create a place with a great atmosphere, and sceneries associated with socks themes. Great for taking photos and chill with friends. Reall heaven for Instagramers around the world and funny socks lovers.