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Buy TikTok likes with Kumplo and boost your posts' engagement quickly, safely, and easily. Increase your likes count with just a few clicks. Rated UK's #1 social media service since 2014, we offer unbeatable deals to help you grow your audience. Discover our fantastic offers below and start enhancing your TikTok presence today!

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TikTok Likes Reviews

  1. the author of the review has been verified Anthony

    Just wow!! I had no idea it was so easy, and above all, so quick to increase likes on TikTok. It’s amazing what happened to my profile. Just yesterday, my latest TikTok had 2 likes, and today it has over 500 likes! I can't stop admiring such beautiful results. Additionally, I gained a few more followers, possibly because I chose the option for real accounts, meaning real TikTok users were added. This is a fantastic service that I would totally recommend to everyone. Fulfillment? – LIGHTNING FAST. I didn't have to wait long for TikTok likes, barely 5 minutes after making the payment. The company knows their stuff and does a great job, so I highly recommend them to everyone ❤️

  2. the author of the review has been verified Joshua

    Since discovering this site, my experiences with TikTok have significantly improved. I never expected something like this to be possible. But knowing the times we live in, I should have guessed such services have existed for a while… Previously, it was very difficult for me to gather even 5 likes. I wasn't doing too well because my content isn't very popular yet and doesn't go viral. The likes on TikTok came in quickly, and there was absolutely no problem with the fulfilment. The accounts added were genuine, as I had additionally purchased. I wasn't interested in bots, only real users. I received TikTok likes as per my choice. This service isn't just for typical influencers! Now, we all have the chance to gain greater visibility for our published content. I can honestly recommend the Kumplo website to anyone who, like me, wants to boost their TikToks. 🏆🏆

  3. the author of the review has been verified Abigail

    My favourite service on the whole site!! ❤️ I love TikTok likes. Since I started buying them, my videos have gone viral much more frequently. I am in complete shock because I honestly didn't expect this. It has a very positive impact on my profile's algorithm. I see a big difference in the statistics, even in terms of comments and followers. I now have a wider reach and am reaching new users who are happy to leave their mark. About a month ago, I bought TikTok likes for the first time, and I have been using this service regularly ever since. I am very satisfied in every aspect. Additionally, the quality of the accounts is genuine; the users who give likes on TikTok have profile pictures and their own videos on their profiles. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone because most of us already use TikTok ❤️

  4. the author of the review has been verified Evelyn

    Buying TikTok likes is an absolute must-have. Two days ago, I posted a new video on the platform, but it didn't perform very well. I was hoping it might eventually appear in the "For You" section, but unfortunately, it didn't. I searched the internet for ways to increase likes on TikTok and found many recommendations for the Kumplo website. That's when I started looking into buying likes for my TikTok video. To be honest, I thought it might be an expensive endeavour, but the prices are really low. I think most people will be able to afford them without any problem. The order fulfilment is almost instantaneous. No bots were added, as per my request. I prefer to choose real accounts to make the profiles liking the video look realistic. I am extremely satisfied with this service, so I highly recommend it!

  5. the author of the review has been verified Andrew

    Buying likes on TikTok is very easy. As a mum, I want to help my son grow his TikTok profile, so I use this service from time to time. I've never been disappointed! It's great that the website is very intuitive because, to be honest, I don't know much about these things, but I love making my child happy. Seeing him get so many likes on his TikToks brings him great joy and gives him a huge motivation to keep going. He is developing in what he loves, which is recording reviews of computer games. Thanks to the TikTok likes service, we can make it easier for him to get started. Who knows, these efforts might open the door to great success for him in the future. I have no complaints about the cooperation. The order is always fulfilled on time, simply flawlessly!

  6. the author of the review has been verified Harper

    The price compared to the quality is excellent. I've checked many similar services, but here TikTok likes are the cheapest. The fulfilment is really fast. I've never had any issues with my orders. The likes are permanent, unlike on competing sites where almost half of the likes would disappear after just one day. I highly recommend it ❤️

  7. the author of the review has been verified Christopher

    The fulfilment of TikTok video likes is efficient and very fast. This isn't my first order; I'm a regular customer. I use the service regularly and have never been disappointed. Orders are always completed on time. The purchased likes effectively help stand out from the crowd. Additionally, I gain more views as I appear on TikTok's main "For You" page. I highly recommend it for increasing your reach.

  8. the author of the review has been verified Amelia

    TikTok likes of the highest quality 👏 This is my second purchase from this site and the cooperation is top-notch. When I select genuine accounts, that's exactly what I get. I haven't received a single bot, unlike with competing sites. The same goes for fulfilment; I opted for instant delivery and the TikTok likes started adding up almost immediately. No nonsense, a company worth recommending. I don't think this will be my last order. I will gladly use other services available on the site.

  9. the author of the review has been verified Daniel

    Quick, efficient, and without the slightest problem. My order was fulfilled in just 10 minutes, and I received 183 TikTok likes from the 100 I ordered. I'm pleased with this bonus from the service, and it definitely makes me want to use your services again. I aim to reach 10k likes on my TikTok this year, and I believe I can achieve that with your help 😛

  10. the author of the review has been verified Charlotte

    I purchased TikTok likes on Kumplo and rate this purchase 5 stars. The fast fulfilment time, quality of likes, and simplicity of the service are commendable. The TikTok likes I received were from genuine UK accounts, which was very important to me since I only create TikToks in the UK. Would I use this service again? Absolutely! My video made it to the "For You" page and now has massive reach. I would give 100 stars if I could—excellent service and a quick way to stand out on TikTok.

  11. the author of the review has been verified Ethan

    I recommend it; I bought it, tested it, and have no complaints. You just need to copy the TikTok video link and provide it on Kumplo. Quick TikTok likes are added within (at most) 20 minutes and look just like real ones. I showed it to a friend once, and he couldn't tell which likes were bought and which weren't. It's worth boosting likes immediately after posting a video because that's when it has the best chance of getting to the "For You" page. I bought a package of 500 TikTok likes and highly recommend it.

  12. the author of the review has been verified Mia

    TikTok likes are a great way to increase engagement on a video. At first, I didn't know that the more likes, the more often the algorithm promotes my videos on the "For You" page, but I decided to place an order and test if it was true. On average, my videos got between 200 and 500 likes, so I purchased 500 TikTok likes to significantly boost engagement. It turned out to be effective, and within 30 minutes, my TikTok had over 2,500 likes, and the number kept growing over the next few days. Since then, I have bought likes for every new TikTok to ensure someone sees it on the "For You" page.

  13. the author of the review has been verified Matthew

    The service worked seamlessly; I received TikTok likes a few minutes after paying for the order. I'm pleasantly surprised because I used to buy from a competing site and had to wait several days for the order to be fulfilled. If you want quick TikTok likes, Kumplo is the best.

  14. the author of the review has been verified Ava

    A reliable and honest company. I placed an order but provided the wrong link, so my order couldn't be completed. Customer service informed me of the error and asked for a new link, then corrected the order and even added more TikTok likes than I ordered. Very nice and fair approach to the customer; I thought the money was lost. I will definitely buy here more often.

  15. the author of the review has been verified Michael

    Good quality TikTok likes from real UK users. If you care about quality and not just price, you won't be disappointed with Kumplo. Another plus is the very fast fulfilment of orders. I have used your services many times, and whether I order likes at 3:00 PM or midnight, the fulfilment is always just as fast. Cheers.

  16. the author of the review has been verified Isabella

    I placed an order, and I am very satisfied with the TikTok likes provided. At first glance, it's clear that the likes come from real users because all the accounts have profile pictures and even their own videos. As for the account names, they are mostly in English but look very natural, so there's nothing to complain about. In short, SUPER!

  17. the author of the review has been verified Jacob

    At first, I came across a competing service offering free TikTok likes, but I had a slight problem placing the order because I didn't know how to copy the TikTok link. I went through several sites, and only on yours did I find a detailed instruction in the description, and now I know how simple it was. I could 100% recommend Kumplo to anyone who wants to buy TikTok likes.

  18. the author of the review has been verified Emma

    If you're buying TikTok likes, it should be on Kumplo. The fastest service in Poland, whether it's TikTok, Instagram, or anything else, they have quick likes practically everywhere. Once, I bought 10k TikTok likes, and the fulfilment didn't even take a day! I've been buying for years, and there's never been a downtime, failure, or lack of fulfilment. I recommend it confidently because it has really helped me promote many TikToks.

  19. the author of the review has been verified Benjamin

    I upload 2, sometimes 3, TikToks daily, and none of them were getting satisfactory results. I tried different songs and even posted more controversial content to provoke reactions from fans—to no avail. I decided to try buying likes since everyone talks about it… and it worked! For the first time, my TikTok appeared in the "For You" section, and I started gaining new fans. It was definitely the TikTok likes from Kumplo that helped me build my profile. Since then, I've placed several more orders to maintain the effect, and now my profile practically grows on its own. If someone has the same problem, I think it's worth buying likes to see if TikTok starts promoting you. 5/5

  20. the author of the review has been verified Sophia

    I placed an order for a few likes for just £0.99 to see if this site even works. Then I placed another order, and thanks to the increased number of likes, my TikTok reached more people, resulting in many new fans for my profile! I'm glad I finally found an honest company.

  21. the author of the review has been verified Alexander

    I was looking for ways to promote my TikTok account and accidentally came across your post about methods to get into the "For You" page. Many of them turned out to be effective, but it was with your services that I saw real results. Overall, I am very satisfied, although the downside is the price, especially if you want high quality. But now I know what to do to get quick TikTok likes with practically no effort.

  22. the author of the review has been verified Olivia

    This is my first purchase on Kumplo, and I'm glad I found you. I had bought from other sites before, so I had a rough idea of what to expect. Although typing "buy TikTok likes" brings up many similar services, it's Kumplo's service quality, speed of fulfilment, and competitive prices that make it my favourite site for buying likes.

  23. the author of the review has been verified William

    Simple and detailed instructions on how to buy TikTok likes, and even I managed it. At first, I was slightly worried that I wouldn't be able to handle the purchase, but all I had to do was paste the TikTok video link and choose the quantity. The likes appeared about 15 minutes after the payment, and it was 9:00 PM, so it's clear it's automated. In short, TikTok likes from Kumplo really work.

  24. the author of the review has been verified Emily

    I tested it, and it really works. You wait about a dozen minutes for the likes to be delivered, so it's really quick. The accounts are normal, so it's not embarrassing if you suddenly add 500 likes. Thank you also for your methods for free TikTok likes, because apart from the likes I ordered, I keep getting new likes.

  25. the author of the review has been verified James

    The service is exactly as described. Kumplo is probably the fastest way to get TikTok likes; I've tried everything, adding tags, descriptions, even different songs, and nothing worked. Here, for literally a few pounds, I get quick likes, and then TikTok grows on its own. There's no point in trying to stand out on your own when there are such effective promotion methods.

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