Cartoon Socks

Your favourite characters known from TV, film and comics are now available in the Kumplo cartoon socks collection. Surprise your friends with crazy socks with Spongebob, Superman and other superheroes loved by millions. Each of us as a kid had our favourite TV show and with it the characters that still make a smile on his face. We often like to come back to this, so in this category of film socks, you will find all the best from the old days. Although many of the series are no longer continued, the best ones still come back to the screens to win the hearts of even the youngest viewers such as Sonic The Hedgehog. Whether you’ve been a fan of cartoons from Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Bros or Cartoon Network, we’ve collected them all in our cartoon sock collection. These socks are not only a return to the good old days but also a great gift for every collector. These products will surely appeal not only to adults, so one universal size means that our socks can be worn by even slightly larger children and adults. Series such as Star Wars, Marvel or Adventure Time are already real icons of modern pop culture and now you can have them on your feet every day. Sit down comfortably in an armchair with your cartoon socks, turn on your favourite show and enjoy this wonderful moment in front of the TV with your loved ones. All products in this series are shipped free of charge all over the world.

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