I know where is your order!

Would you like to find out some more about delivery and returns before you place an order?

Smart idea! I will tell you how much is the shipping cost and where I can send your order.

Here is some important things you need to know.


Shipping zones and costs

Every customer can choose between free and paid shipping option. Selecting free delivery your order will be delivered within 20 to 40 days from the date of order.

We will try to provide your orders as quickly as possible. All orders from the current day will be sent next working day. Down below you can find costs and delivery (fast delivery) times to the regions, we currently support.

*Please note these times are only approximately, your delivery may be longer due to bad weather conditions or holidays.

Country Shipping Cost Delivery Time
UK £3.00 2-4 weeks*
EU £9.00  3-4 weeks*
US** £12.00 3-4 weeks*
Rest of the world*** Delivery impossible Delivery impossible

* We are only able to deliver on business days (Mon-Sat)

** US Customers, duties are only payable on orders over $800.00

*** Orders may be subject to local Good and Services Taxes  (import duty)

Returns and refunds policy

We will refund you whole amount of the product (without shipping cost) if returned products mets this conditions:

  1. You return the product within 14 days of the order time.
  2. Returned product is in the same conditions as sold and can be sold once again (it must contains all labels, packing etc.)
  3. Product wasn’t personalized.

You can check all the rules in our terms and conditions page. The rules above are simplified and you should read the detailed returns policy if you intend to do so.