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Kumplo - FAQ


How long is the delivery time?

We ship your socks as soon as possible it’s usually next working day from. Please read more about shipping costs and delivery times to different locations here.

How can I check where is my order?

Tracking socks from Kumplo is very easy and no different than typical mail. Please visit Royal Mail tracking site and provide your code. Data from their website is the most accurate.

What are the payment methods?

Kumplo keeps payments safe, quick and simple. We offer 2 most commonly used payment methods in the UK.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Regular bank transfer

Please note bank transfer is not instant and payment is verified manually.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

No, this is impossible at this moment. If something would change in future, we correct this answer.

Can I make a bulk order?

Sure! We offer special prices and discounts to our business partners. Before you place an order contact us to set favourable conditions for yourself.


What materials are socks made of?

Only high standard matters! To make you feel light Kumplo socks are only from premium quality admixtures of cotton with polyester and bamboo. Exact materials are shown on the product page.

Where are socks made?

Kumplo socks are produced in Italy, Turkey, Bangladesh, Portugal, and China. We use suppliers all around the world to provide a high standard of products and great prices as well.


Do I need an account to place an order?

No, registering on our website is optional however we suggest you create an account. You won’t miss any coupons, orders will be a stick in one place and you won’t have to fill your data in next orders.

How to contact you?

You can contact Kumplo using 2 different methods regarding your expectations:
General enquiries: Message us on Facebook
Orders/Products/Business: Contact us by form