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Fish Socks


(5 customer reviews)
Collection: Animal Socks
Pattern: Fish Socks
Material: Cotton 65%, Polyester 35%
Size: Universal Size (5-11)

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Have you ever seen something similar? It’s fish socks ready to bite your leg! Beautiful pair of wacky socks in universal (5-11) size for men and women. Real quality cotton socks with funny pattern. Comfy and warm, makes your feet feel great even after a long day in work or school without any unpleasant smell. Ideally suited as a birthday gift for people who love fishing but also for everyone who loves to shine.

high quality fish socks

both side fish socks

funny pair of fish socks

Novelty socks with fish

Fish socks are a warm pair of fluffy socks so you can take them wherever you go even on cold days. They are great to wear without the slippers at home because of the thick pleasant cotton from which they are made. Because the pattern is humorous but not silly you can successfully dress them even to a serious suit to add a little slack to it. This trend is particularly popular among office workers or sales consultants who like some fun in their job.

Durable and stretchy, they are designed so that you can walk in them for as long as you want, unlike the low-quality socks from large stores. Fully-fledged high-quality socks for people who like good clothes. Save money buying one pair of durable socks instead of spending money on several pairs of low-quality socks. Fish socks are breathable, which ensures comfortable wearing without sweating.

Join the fast-growing group of enthusiasts of funny socks and be the first to set new trends among your friends. Exchange socks with other collectors or resell them and earn real money. As you can see, fish socks are more than just socks. You do not believe? Read reviews and check the ranking from satisfied customers.

Washing and ironing

Wash the fish socks after prior separating them into colours so that they do not dye. Proper washing is important because your socks will retain their deep original colour and great quality.

Because socks may dye use only low temperatures (up to 40 degrees Celsius) to avoid it. Wash them with soft texture fabrics. Do not use bleach or iron.


Fish Socks are made of high-quality materials which are: Cotton 63%Polyester 34%Spandex 3%.


Air permeability


Unique pattern

High quality cotton

Universal size

Comfort of use

Frequent questions about fish socks

How will they fits on kids foot?

Before buying, we recommend that you carefully measure your child’s foot and height, the socks are quite long and can reach your child even to the knees if it is not high enough. Suggested size is from 5 to 11 and about 1.5 m tall. Socks will fit on the feet of teenagers and adults because they have a universal size and are very stretchy.

Will my foot sweat in them?

Although the socks are quite thick and warm, one of the many features of high-quality cotton is that it is breathable and absorbs sweat. Fish socks are therefore warm and ideally suited to cold days but also in summer when your foot needs ventilation and cooling.

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5-11 (Universal)

5 reviews for Fish Socks

  1. Sean

    salmon socks

    Solid pair of quality socks

    This is my first pair of socks from Kumplo and I must say they are very good. Fish socks looks great on my feet and they are really comfy. I would also buy them even if they were not so funny because of the quality of workmanship!

  2. Maisie

    fish socks from kumplo

    Super long socks

    Comfortable, stretchy and warm, these three words best describe funny fish socks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen longer socks, they reach almost to my knees.

  3. Charlie

    animal socks with fish

    Warm and comfy

    Socks are pleasant to the touch and comfortable to wear on cold days. Thick cotton fulfills its role because I always feel warm in them. I received my pair after 2 days! I recommend Kumplo Socks.

  4. Skye

    funny fish socks

    Funny suit socks

    I like this type of funny designs on socks and I immediately fell in love with them when I saw them for the first time. Socks look exactly like the pictures in the description are carefully made of good cotton. I am a real estate agent and I like to wear them with a suit. Thanks to this, my customers find me less numb and easier to talk to.

  5. Erin

    green fish socks

    Funniest patter ever

    Amazing socks made of good quality cotton with a unique pattern. I also ordered similar crocodile socks and both pairs are absolutely beautiful. Long and warm, great especially in winter.

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