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Star Wars Socks


(5 customer reviews)
Collection: Cartoon Socks
Pattern: Star Wars Socks
Material: Cotton 65%, Polyester 35%
Size: Universal Size (5-11)

star wars c3po socks
star wars chewbacca socks
star wars darth vader socks
star wars droid r2d2 socks

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Star Wars socks are an unusual collection of socks with images of the top characters of the series. You will find here socks with Darth Vader, Droid R2D2, Chewbacca and C3PO. Those character being the leading Star Wars films. Surely this product will be more popular among men. Despite this, its universal design and size, Star Wars socks can be successfully worn by women and children. Buying socks from this collection can be a good idea for a gift for the biggest fans of the series and also for those who like funny socks.

Justin Trudeau in Star Wars Socks from Kumplo
Prime Minister of Canada in Star Wars Socks from Kumplo

Quality of Star Wars socks

Even though it is a product with an image of Star Wars characters and many people are afraid that they are not quality socks we want to calm them down. We used the same cotton for these socks as for our other top products. This makes sure that you are buying a product that will successfully serve you even for a long time. The cotton also helps the socks wick away perspiration and prevents perspiration in your feet. So you could say that Star Wars socks are just a comfortable pair of socks with a cool image of your favourite character from Kumplo in the UK.

star wars socks chewbacca

star wars darth vader socks

Droid R2D2

About Star Wars series

Star Wars is an American series of Science Fiction films based on the film trilogy created by George Lucas. The first films from the series appeared in 1977 and became world successes. The film tells of mythical events from the past based on over 60 years of history. The film is, therefore, a story inspired by fairy tales or legends about ancient heroes.  Star Wars tells the story of two representatives of the Jedi Order who were sent to the planet Naboo to solve the conflict of the trade war. Of course, in the meantime, there are still some side effects that form the basis of the film, but there are so many of them that there is no point in describing them here.

star wars logo
Star Wars series logo.


The series has also got a fully-fledged series, books, computer game comics and even LEGO. Due to such a large number of franchises, the Star Wars series has earned over 42 billion USD and is currently one of the most profitable franchises in the world. We strongly encourage you to watch at least one film of this series because it is a global element of pop culture.

elegant shoes and socks with star wars characters
Socks with Star Wars characters can be successively combined with elegant men’s clothing.


Air permeability


Unique pattern

High quality cotton

Universal size

Comfort of use

Frequent questions

Is pattern double sided?

No, the pattern we placed on Star Wars socks presents one of the four most popular characters in this series and it is a full print pattern. This means that the whole length of the sock is covered with the pattern. For example, Darth Vader socks, the pattern extends over the whole foot and the back is covered with the same black colour.


The only exception, though, is socks with Droid R2D2, the form of which spreads over the whole socks so we can say that they are the only two sides. The remaining pairs simply have a black background at the back and colourful accents on the heels and toes. In the future, we plan to release more characters, which may have a double-sided pattern.

How to wash this star wars socks?

We recommend washing Star Wars socks without using strong chemicals at the lowest possible temperatures to maintain their unique colours for a long time. Simply set your washing machine to “sensitive” mode or lower the washing temperature to 40 degrees. You shouldn’t also iron your socks or use bleach as this can damage the print.

Will you be adding more Star Wars characters to this collection of socks?

Yes, we are working to expand the Star Wars sock collection to include Stormtrooper, Yoda or BB-8 later this year. As soon as the products are available you will see them above when choosing a pattern.

What size are those socks?

Star Wars socks are one universal size (5-11 UK) that fits most adult feet. They can be successfully worn by women and men and even slightly older children. Due to the stretchy material, the socks will be slightly longer for some and shorter for others. However, we recommend that you check your foot size before buying.

Can I purchase the whole bundle?

At the moment it is only possible to order selected pairs by adding them to the basket. So if you would like to buy the whole bundle, you have to click on the character and add each sock to the basket and then pay for the whole order. As soon as the Star Wars sock series is completed with all top characters we will introduce the possibility of buying bundle pack of all socks with one click. Expect this very soon!

Additional information


C3PO, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Droid R2D2


5-11 (Universal)

5 reviews for Star Wars Socks

  1. John

    star wars socks UK

    Decent socks with star wars characters

    The best socks I’ve ever seen! I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars series and I’m completely in love with them. The Star Wars socks are of good quality and are the same as the top manufacturers. Fast shipping and trouble-free contact with the store! I strongly recommend buying socks on Kumplo.

  2. Olivia

    star wars socks women's

    Looks great on women’s feet

    Although the Star Wars series has more male than female fans, I decided to buy these socks. Even though I am a woman, I simply love Star Wars and knew I had to have them. I do not feel bad about buying them because the socks are pretty and look much better than in the pictures. They fit perfectly even on a woman’s foot and are neither too loose nor too narrow. The design of Darth Vader socks is very subtle and perfectly matches any shoes or trousers. Delicate additions such as red colour on the heel and toes make the whole thing look exceptionally good. I can recommend these socks for both men and women, I am in love with them.

  3. Simon

    star wars socks men's

    Excellent product and fast delivery

    These socks are cosy and are not overpriced at all, unlike other socks with Star Wars characters. The quality of the product is the same as the top premium socks from the top shelf. The socks don’t smell bad because the material they are made of perfectly lets air through so your feet don’t sweat. Even though I already have many socks of different brands and can recognize a decent product, the Kumplo shop with its funny socks made a very positive impression on me. Great cartoon socks collection at a reasonable price and free shipping make me want to buy again in the future.

  4. Trevor

    star wars socks for adults

    Best men’s star wars socks

    I rate the quality of Star Wars socks for men at 5/5! This is exactly what I expected, a cool stretch material that is fluffy and nice to the touch and good quality design with Star Wars characters. I ordered two pairs, one from C3PO and one from Stormtrooper and they both look very good. The socks are well made and there are no protruding threads or seams on them. If you are looking for a cool looking pair of Star Wars socks from the UK it is worth buying them at Kumplo. There is absolutely nothing better at this price. I hope there will be more characters from this series in the future because I am a huge fan of this movie.

  5. Brian

    men's star wars socks

    Big fan of Darth Vader

    My favourite character from Star Wars was Darth Vader, so I decided to buy socks with his picture. The socks reached me quickly and without any problem. I ordered only one piece for the rehearsal although I liked them all. As soon as the bundle pack appears on the website, I will reorder it. The only downside is the package or rather the vial sack in which the socks are put. Nevertheless, this is the least of the problems because the socks are very durable and you can see that good material was used to make them.


    Star Wars socks with characters are very stylish and look good in combination with black trousers. Time will tell how they will behave after a few washes, but I believe that when I follow the manufacturer’s recommendations they will last a very long time. At this price, it is a must-have for every Star Wars fan.

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