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Patrick Socks


(8 customer reviews)
Collection: Cartoon Socks
Pattern: Patrick Socks
Material: Cotton 65%, Polyester 35%
Size: Universal Size (5-11)

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Are you looking for socks from famous TV cartoons? How about Patrick socks? If you don’t know who it is, this is the iconic cartoon character “SpongeBob SquarePants” broadcast by Nickelodeon. Over 260 episodes, 12 seasons and millions of fans around the world make the gadgets and products associated with the series come. Seeing what interest this cartoon enjoys, we had to react and we are pleased to present you with socks with Patrick. This unique pair is a high quality low cut cotton socks with the image of Patrick known from Spongebob cartoon.

kumplo socks patrick

patricks socks from kumplo

pair of patrick socks spongebob

Low cut socks with Patrick

You can use Patrick socks as a great gift idea for any fan of Spongebob and Patrick’s adventures or as normal comfortable socks that you can wear at work, school, on a trip or gym. However, if you prefer some other character or patterns, be sure to check out our collection of cartoon socks and funny socks. We have got hits like McDonald’s sockspug socks or adventure time socks.

Washing and ironing

Wash this socks after prior separating them into colours so that they do not dye. Proper washing is important because your socks will retain their deep original colour and great quality.

Because socks may dye use only low temperatures (up to 40 degrees Celsius) to avoid it. Wash them with soft texture fabrics. Do not use bleach or iron.


Patrick Socks are made of high quality materials which are: Cotton 63%, Polyester 34%, Spandex 3%.


Air permeability


Unique pattern

High quality cotton

Universal size

Comfort of use

Patrick Socks – FAQ

Will these socks fit on kids?

It all depends on your child’s foot, the universal size of this pair is from 5 to 11 (UK / US) but because it is a low cut pair you can successfully put them on to slightly larger children. Socks are stretchy but they will fit more for teenagers and adults.

Do you plan to add Spongebob socks?

Yes definitely! We are working on choosing the best pattern and as soon as possible it will be available. What’s more, we plan to create the entire Spongebob collection. For sure there will be such characters as Squidward Tentacles, Mr Krabs, Gary the Snail and more!

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5-11 (Universal)

8 reviews for Patrick Socks

  1. Morgan

    very comfortable

    Very comfortable

    I like everything about them, I’ve been looking for products with Patrick for a long time and finally, I found them. The socks are beautiful and they fit perfectly in my black pants. Unfortunately, they don’t look as good in the pictures as they really do, even though I tried very hard. I would definitely buy again.

  2. Holly

    good value

    Good value for money

    These socks are perfect. I was wasting my money on buying ridiculous non-brand socks with Spongebob for a long time until I finally got to Kumplo’s store. The quality is definitely better than I expected, the socks with Patrick are soft and pleasant to the touch. They are great to walk in. They fit perfectly with my pink slippers.

  3. Amber

    best socks ever

    Good value for money

    I don’t usually buy funny socks of this type, but this time I was convinced by the promotion and I bought them only because of the very good price. I don’t regret it, the product is very good quality and the design is visible and well made. I’ve been in them a few times at work, I’ve washed and ironed them and they still look like new. If someone is looking for simple socks or is a fan of Spongebob and Patrick, they will definitely like them. I would also like to buy them in pink.

  4. Katherine

    nice design

    Nice design and material

    I Love these socks ❤️. Patrick’s socks are my favourite pair of socks from the Kumplo store. Although I have had other socks from the Spongebob cartoon before, these are the best. Definitely, the good quality cotton and attention to detail, which is the most important in this case, deserves a plus. The figure placed on the socks is perfectly visible and even when looking at it from close up you can’t see any threads or printing faults. I like the socks very much and if I had to buy them again, I would definitely repeat the purchase.

  5. Mark

    fits great

    Fits great

    I know how hard it is to get good socks, so I decided to write this review. My foot size is 45 so it’s really big and despite the manufacturer’s declared universal size, it fits perfectly. I used to buy sports socks in a similar style but they always shrink in the wash or wipe. These are over a month old and they are really durable. I go to the gym, run and iron them from time to time and nothing bad has happened to them. In conclusion, the socks with Patrick are a great product. They will please all Spongebob fans. However, they are also normal, good quality sports socks.

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