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Marvel Socks


(8 customer reviews)
Collection: Cartoon Socks
Pattern: Marvel Socks
Material: Cotton 65%, Polyester 35%
Size: Universal Size (5-11)

deadpool marvel socks
flash marvel socks
Marvel Socks - Hulk
Marvel Socks - Iron Man
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Long Marvel socks is a unique collection of socks modelled on American comics from 1939 written by Martin Goodman. Here you will find socks with the most popular characters such as Iron Man, Deadpool, Flash or Hulk from which the series Marvel is especially known. This type of socks is called socks for the ankle. It composes well with short shorts and low boots. It is worth noting that the socks are made in the full print technology. The print covers the whole surface, so they look much better in simple colourful outfits.

marvel comics
Red logo of Marvel Comics

Quality and manufacturing of marvel socks

Made of great Egyptian cotton they perfectly absorb sweat leaving your foot fresh even throughout the day. This makes them ideal for long walks, school or even gym. Moreover, their universal size makes them suitable for adults and children as well. This product can be successfully worn by men and women due to its universal character. Marvel socks are a great idea for a small birthday present or an ordinary gift without a special occasion. We are convinced that we have something for every enthusiast of comics and cartoons from Marvel and DC.

marvel comics

About Marvel comics series

Marvel comics is the largest American publishing house from 1939 belonging to Walt Disney Company. It owes its popularity thanks to such comics as Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Avengers or X-men. Today Marvel characters are even more recognizable due to cinema or television screenings, which from year to year attract the younger audience. The most important locations for the series are New York, which is the home of the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, London with the seat of Blade or Westchester County with the home of X-men. Within 70 years, Marvel has released over 32,000 different comics with superheroes and some of them reach millions of pounds on auction portals.

marvel characters list
The illustration shows the list of the most important characters from the Marvel comics series. On the foreground, the Hulk, Capitan America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor and Flash.


Air permeability


Unique pattern

High quality cotton

Universal size

Comfort of use

Frequent questions about Marvel socks

Are you planning to add socks with other characters from Marvel comics?

Definitely yes, we are already working on creating socks with the image of Captain America and Thor, which will appear in our shop later this year. What is more, in our collection we already have socks with Spider-Man or Superman, which other customers also love. Finally, we want Marvel socks to be available with the image of every most popular character of the series.

Are all socks the same length?

Yes, in short, socks from the Marvel series are different only by the image of character which is on them. All other aspects such as length, material and workmanship quality are equally high to ensure the best experience with our products.

Can I buy the whole set right away?

You can buy the whole set by adding each product directly to your shopping cart. We are also planning to introduce the combined sets soon so you can buy the whole bundle in one click at an even better price. As soon as it is available, you will see a bundle button next to the sock pattern selection.

How to wash and take care of Marvel socks?

To keep your socks in perfect condition for a long time, we recommend washing them only at low temperatures without bleach. Set your washing machine to a gentle mode or make sure that the temperature of the wash does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. We also advise against ironing which can cause shrinkage.

Additional information


5-11 (Universal)


Deadpool, Flash, Hulk, Iron Man

8 reviews for Marvel Socks

  1. Michael

    iron man marvel socks

    Nice socks with Marvel Characters

    I am glad I found this shop because I did not know that something like funny socks even existed. Iron Man socks from the Marvel Comics collection are my first purchase and I am very impressed. The product is above my expectations. The material and design I can rate at 10/10, the socks are cotton, they are very air-permeable and comfortable to walk in. However, the best is the pattern and colours, which are simply insane. I will look here more often and I hope that there will be more socks of characters from the Marvel universe soon.

  2. John

    marvel socks with Deadpool

    Decent pair of quality socks

    I agree with other reviewers that the socks are really good and they are great to wear. I also like the colours, which I have not seen before in any other socks of this type. The product itself was also interestingly packaged and the delivery went smoothly. If I had to summarise this purchase in brief, I would say that these are simply nice and quality socks with characters from Marvel.

  3. Kevin

    Deadpool socks marvel collection

    My favourite Deadpool socks

    I must say that I have already had similar socks with Deadpool from another brand before, but after a few washes, they shrunk irreversibly. I decided to give Kumplo a chance because I am a big fan of Marvel comics and I love Deadpool! I am completely satisfied with this purchase. Even though I have been wearing these socks for a month, I washed them several times and even once I was in them at the gym, they still look like new. What’s more, the attention to detail and the material of the socks are also good. I also have a pair with the Hulk in my collection, but due to the red colour, this pair has now become my favourite. For all the fans of the series I recommend them because they are simply cool colourful socks at a good price.

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