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Garfield Socks


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Collection: Cartoon Socks
Pattern: Garfield Socks
Material: Cotton 65%, Polyester 35%
Size: Universal Size (5-11)
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Garfield is a character that needs no introduction to anyone, but if you have not heard of this cartoon yet, you should catch up quickly. Millions of fans from around the world, 109 episodes and 2 feature films are impressive achievements that Garfield series achieved. Although there are plenty of gadgets with his image, socks with Garfield were not available until now. Fans of the series finally have the opportunity to buy Garfield socks and feel the good years of their youth. When designing a series of cartoon socks, we wanted to transfer as many memories as possible to create nostalgia for their real fans. A special feature of Garfield socks is the low cut and type of thin material from which we made them. This combination immediately evokes memories of the 80s and 90s in which many socks looked like this.

socks with garfield

garfield socks from kumplo

pair of socks with garfield

Funky socks with Garfield

The simple classic pattern is gaining popularity again especially among young people. Many of them call this kind of „skateboard” or „hipster” socks. This is the complete opposite of long and warm socks commonly referred to as funny socks. Although Garfield socks are not the best choice on cold winter days, they are great for summer or spring without sweating your feet. However, if you do not want to dress them, it can be a full-fledged collector’s product or an unusual gift for any fan of the series. Browse through the entire cartoon socks collection and you will definitely find the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or a small gift without any occasion.

Washing and ironing

Wash this socks after prior separating them into colours so that they do not dye. Proper washing is important because your socks will retain their deep original colour and great quality.

Because socks may dye use only low temperatures (up to 40 degrees Celsius) to avoid it. Wash them with soft texture fabrics. Do not use bleach or iron.


Garfield Socks are made of high quality materials which are: Cotton 63%, Polyester 34%, Spandex 3%.


Air permeability


Unique pattern

High quality cotton

Universal size

Comfort of use

Garfield Socks – FAQ

How long are they?

Garfield socks are a normal low cut pair whose size is 5-11. The visible element protruding above the shoes is approximately 10 centimetres (3.93 inches). Socks should also suit children. We recommend dressing this pair in short pants or skirts in warm weather to better emphasize the visibility of the pattern.

Can I wear them in winter?

A pair of Garfield socks are made of thin, high-quality cotton, which works better in summer and spring. Of course, you can also wear them in winter, however, to avoid colds, we recommend dressing them on days with a temperature of at least 10 degrees Celsius. The socks are comfortable and airy, so they don’t sweat your feet.

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5-11 (Universal)

8 opinii dla Garfield Socks

  1. Callum

    nice and comfy

    Nice and comfy

    I love Garfield socks ❤️. They’re cute and very cheerful. I like to dress them, especially for school because they fit beautifully in my Vans. The purchase went without any problems, as soon as I paid the money I got an email with confirmation and the package was sent the next day. The socks arrived at me packed in a plastic bag in perfect condition 2 days after placing the order. I strongly recommend especially that this is free shipping!

  2. Ryan

    five stars

    Five stars

    I love Garfield and I had to have a gadget related to this TV cartoon. The socks are great and match every pair of shoes. Garfield socks are organic cotton, made of very high-quality materials. My feet feel great in them. No sweating or foot abrasions. Fast shipping and great customer service. Strongly recommended.

  3. Archie


    Recommend 100%

    I’ve always been a fan of Garfield and even though I’m not a teenager anymore I knew I had to buy those socks. I remember this cartoon very well so walking in such socks is a pleasure. They are not as long socks as most products from Kumplo. So I can say that they are typical sports ankle-length socks perfect for summer, running or gym. I strongly recommend them if someone is considering buying them. Nice socks with a good fit.

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